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News | June 4, 2021

Over 70 complete residency program requirements

By W. Eugene Barnett

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio -- The Air Force’s Graduate Medical Education Program conferred degrees upon 71 Airmen during its annual spring residency graduation May 27 in a hangar at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force.  

“You will be the next generation of medics to place your hands on tomorrow’s heroes as you join a unique group of health care professionals caring for Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Guardians on and off the battlefield,” said Lt. Gen. Dorothy Hogg, the Air Force surgeon general and ceremony’s keynote speaker.

Keeping with tradition, the graduation was held on the Thursday prior to Memorial Day, and this year, more than 60 physically distanced guests attended.

“It’s an honor to work with and for you with trusted care,” Col. Christian Lyons, the 88th Medical Group commander, said as he addressed the graduates and audience.

“Make it mean something; make it matter and leave a legacy. You have an opportunity to save someone’s life.”

Hogg, who also serves as the Space Force’s first surgeon general, shared four factors for getting through challenging times that she said she learned over the last 37 years:

First — remember you need every member of your team to be successful, no matter how smart or talented you are.

Second — your attitude defines you, and you own it, no one else.

Third — building and growing a winning team with a diversity of skills, knowledge and experience is everyone’s responsibility.

And fourth — take calculated risks and be a disruptive innovator to be better.

“Tonight, we celebrate your accomplishments, and tomorrow starts your challenge to be intentional in owning your attitude, growing your teams and taking risks,” Hogg concluded. “Get prepared and stay ready.

“You are joining the world’s finest medical service in the world’s greatest Air Force, and our nation expects our best. Let’s make sure we exceed their expectation.”

The event was livestreamed for graduates and family members who could not attend. It’s available for viewing at




2021 graduating residents (88th Medical Group):


Capt. Emily Bien, M.D.

Capt. Jonathan Hester, M.D.

Capt. Richard Krysiak III, M.D.

Capt. Jon C. Martin, D.O.

Capt. Jessica Porcelan, M.D.

Capt. Joseph Bowens, M.D.

Capt. Kevin M. Brown, D.O.

Capt. Chase Chambers, M.D.

Capt. Rachel Cinlemis, D.O.

Capt. Lauryn Fowler, M.D.

Capt. Vishaka Hatcher, M.D.

Capt. Thomas Pittman, M.D.

Capt. Amanda M. Smith, M.D.

Capt. Erik J. Wilson, D.O.

Pediatrics chief resident

Capt. Kara Knickerbocker, D.O.


Capt. Bethany Charron, D.O.

Capt. Elena Fuell-Wysong, M.D.

Capt. Zoe Gauthier, D.O.

Capt. Justin A. Williams, D.O.

Internal medicine

Capt. Brant Bickford, D.O.

Capt. Kyle Blasser, D.O.

Capt. Cody Hedrick, M.D.

Capt. Eric Karr, D.O.

Capt. Douglas Katein-Taylor, M.D.

Capt. Peter Li, M.D.

Capt. Paul Pikman, D.O.

Capt. Samuel Theis, D.O.

Capt. Finianne Umali, D.O.

Capt. Seth Van Der Veer, D.O.

Capt. Melinda Vasser, D.O.

Capt. Timothy Wall, M.D.

Capt. Keith B. Wright, D.O.

Capt. Joseph Yuhas, M.D.

Internal medicine chief residents

Maj. Damien Morgan, D.O.

Capt. Jessica John, M.D.


(First postgraduate year)

Capt. Caleb McClary, M.D.

Capt. Landon Rosevear, D.O.

(Graduating residents)

Capt. Alyssa Hewitson, M.D.

Capt. Hilary McKinley, D.O.

Maj. Matthew Schreiner, M.D.

Emergency medicine

Capt. Aaron Brooks, D.O.

Capt. Justin Dickson, D.O.

Capt. Christopher Falslev, D.O.

Capt. Ryan Grow, D.O.

Capt. Andrew Gurtis, M.D.

Capt. Daniel Hutchinson, D.O.

Capt. Kyle McClain, D.O.

Capt. Mara O’Sullivan, M.D.

Certified registered nurse (anesthesia)

Maj. Jason Melvin, DNP, RN

Maj. Robert Stanley, DNP, RN

Capt. Joseph Acquafredda, DNP, RN


Maj. Elizabeth Belleau

Capt. Lorenzo Aranda

Capt. Amanda Eckmann

Capt. Stephanie A. Olson

Capt. Bo Robertson

General dentistry

Capt. Soren Christensen, D.D.M.

Capt. Logan Dilik, D.D.S.

Capt. Jacob Freeze, D.D.M.

Capt. Jacob Harley, D.D.S.

Capt. Daniel Nguyen, D.D.S.

Capt. Se Ha Park, D.D.M.

Capt. George Paul, D.D.M.

Capt. Firas Zako, D.D.S.

Orthopaedic surgery physician assistant

Capt. Christopher C. Davis III, PA-C

Social work

1st Lt. Meghan Bailey, MSW

1st Lt. Sallie Henderson, MSW

1st Lt. Stacy Leet, LCSW

1st Lt. Autumn Mackey, MSW

1st Lt. Kristina McTigue, LCSW

1st Lt. David E. Miller, MSW

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